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VERY Disappointed! Voting Post... [Jun. 21st, 2005|03:34 pm]
Icons With A Tune!


[Current Music |"God Blessed The Broken Road" ~ Carrie & Rascal Flatts]

This contest have been going on for since forever! I only got 4 entries, so here's the voting post... this one is going to go a little different. I am going to have you vote for your 2 top faves... I am only going to have a 1st and 2nd place a mod's choice this time around... you're #1 vote gets 2 points, your #1 gets 1... don't vote for your own self, and there'll be a new contest up soon! So...

1. 2.
3. 4.

1. Heaven/DJ Sammy 2. Incomplete/Backstreet Boys 3. I Don't Wanna Grow Up/Tom Waits 4. Take Me Away/Christina Vidal

Get your votes in soon. Great Entries guys, I really appreciate the people whgo do take the time to take part and make this community what it is, even though it's not much!