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Lyrics Icontest

Icons With A Tune!

Icons With A Tune!
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This community is for lovers of Music and Icon making.
Owner: jump5fan, jump5fan_icons
Other Mods: blueberryblondi, _laura_86 and _androgynous_
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1)There aren't many rules for this community!
2) NO STOLEN ICONS. This is the main rule you must follow before every other rule (you've still gotta follow every other rule though :D)
3) All icons submitted MUST contain lyrics from a song released to the public. By this I mean it must be a song that either appeared on an album released Nationally/Internationally or on a T.V show.
4) Each user my submit up to three icons each contest. This is for the fact that we don't have many users yet. If we get more users and more people submitting Icons, this number may go down!
5) (and this is the final one) All Icons must be submitted in a reply to the contest post in the format below!

URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v347/realityicontest/meaning6.jpg
Source: Libby Hodges (Jump5 Member)
Lyrics: Forever In My Heart by Jump5


Seeing that I'm in university and I'm moving back home for the summer, this timeline is subject to change at times!

Sat. Winners Announced 9 pm, New Contest Begins.
9 pm Sat. - 12 pm Fri. You Guys Get To Make And Submit Icons!
Fri. Entries Due 12 pm, Voting Begins.
12 pm Fri. - 9 pm Sat. Voting Takes Place

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THANKS blueberryblondi for the very AWESOME lyrics_icontest Icon.

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